Taming A Sex Man (2022)

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synopsis :
This 18+ adult movie revolving around the strange love of two childhood friends. Da-hee and Min-cheol are two childhood best friends. But the older Da-hee became, the more beautiful she became, and inadvertently Min-cheol fell in love with this friend, even though Min-cheol had a lover and always insisted that they would forever be friends. It happened when Da-hee and Min-cheol went drinking and woke up after they had an accident. Since then, Min-cheol has also been disturbed with his work and can’t concentrate on his date with his girlfriend Eun-jin. Eun-jin asks him out to comfort Min-cheol. At the end of the date, Eun-jin tells Min-cheol that she is a bad person.

Date: August 17, 2022