Tasty Sex and Fairy (2020)

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synopsis :
Man-soo who is dating Kyeong-ja is heavy-hearted because he has been unemployed for a long time. One day, he receives and unknown package and finds an ona hole inside. That night, the ona hole fairy appears in a dream and had a love affair with Man-soo. Man-soo thought it was just a dream. The next day, Man-soo got a call from his childhood friend Yeon-sil, drank while depressed, and slept with her afterwards. Meanwhile, that night, Kyeong-ja found a mysterious package with a dildo inside. In Yeon-sil’s dream, a dildo fairy appears and has a love affair. In the morning, Man-soo wakes up Kyeong-ja who fell asleep

Date: March 4, 2021