The Girl Next Door 4 (2020)

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Synopsis :
Romance of a shy student~ Dreaming of secret sex with a charming girl next door!
Dong-ho, who came to the next generation of Dong-ho who got the dream room he dreamed of, and had a desire to fulfill himself, even though he would eat every day with ramen, there is one romance that he wants to achieve. I wanted to try Stripe, but when I realized lately that I didn’t have a woman automatically because there was only a trace, the door to the door next door opened, and I found a charming woman (So-hee) coming out of the collection bag.
Dong-ho decides to go out with her in a month, but he has a clumsy dash with a usual timid personality. I’m having a wonderful night with Mina… At that time, I hear the voice of the girl next door knocking on the door of Dong-ho’s house. Can Dong-ho get a girl next door?

Date: June 28, 2020