The Intern – Three Flavors of Female Boss (2022)

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Seokbong had always been a hardworking man, but life hadn’t been easy for him. After losing his job in his mid-50s, he struggled to find new employment in a job market that was increasingly unfriendly to older workers. Just when he thought he would never work again, he received a call from a company offering him an internship.

Excited about the opportunity to start over, Seokbong eagerly accepted the job. But his excitement soon turned to horror as he discovered that the company was not what it seemed. There was a dark underbelly to this workplace that he could never have imagined.

Male employees were subjected to constant sexual harassment from their female superiors, leaving them feeling vulnerable and tormented. The female superiors seemed to take pleasure in their power over the male employees and reveled in their suffering.

Seokbong couldn’t stand to see his fellow male colleagues suffer any longer. He knew that he had to do something to put an end to this madness. So, he hatched a plan to seek revenge on behalf of the male employees.

With his intelligence and cunning, Seokbong slowly began to turn the tables on the female superiors, devising ways to humiliate them and make them suffer as the male employees had suffered.

Date: March 5, 2023