The taste of next door sister (2019)

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synopsis :
Sung-il and Hyun-jung are married couples. Sex days like sex. But Hyun-jung is so tired of the sex demands of sex that he is too tenacious. Hyunjung to speak with a senior who complains about her husband. Min-woo, who lives next door, goes outside and accidentally listens. Min-woo, who was always interested in the current affairs, became acquainted naturally by impersonating a coincidence and helping the prefectural government dispose of the garbage. Min-woo, who has a crush on Hyun Jung, asks her sex partner, Yoon Kyung, to twist the holy day. Yun kyung succeeds in masquerading as a gas inspector, visiting the house of The Holy Day and flirting with the holy day. After that, Sung-il tries to have sex with Hyun jung, but he is dissatisfied with his desire to have sex with Hyun-jung, and he is reunited with Yun Kyung-kyung, who is caught by The Prefectural Government and is kicked out of the house.

Date: October 23, 2020