They Say (2019)

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synopsis :
The secret to flirting with a raunchy man who can’t sleep without a man is revealed. My brother – Spring was happy with her marriage to her husband, Hee-don, who was kind and devoted to spring. One day, she is embarrassed by the sudden visit of her college junior, Eun-ah, but she takes care of her like a brother without disgusted because she is a college junior, but she blatantly seduces Hee-don as if she were laughing at spring. After getting into her twist, Hee-don eventually finds out that she has sex with Eun-a, and she runs out of the house in shock and despair, weeping and crying, and Spring’s old love Yong-jun comes and makes a shocking declaration to Hee-don and Eun-a. The end of their relationship tangled like a spider web?

Date: November 5, 2020