When a Hot Night Opens 2 (2021)


watch korean porn movie – When a Hot Night Opens 2 (2021) full
synopsis :
A man who has a crush on a college queen, Jinyoung. Get a glimse of the opportunity to confess to her but he still dont have Courage.
One day in the school hallway, He saw Jinyoung confessing to a handsome young man but rejected. In-gu who is somehow confident makes up his mind to confess and prepare a letter with his inner heart. But on the day he tried to confess, he got played by his only best friend, Young-sik.
Frustrated, In-gu decided to join millitary service out of anger. Two day before he enlist in millitary, he dropped out of college.
Coincidentally, he finds out that Jinyoung will go study abroad on the day he join the army. That night, he will have farewell party for Jinyoung and his friend. In-gu who woke up late at night when everyone was drunk and asleep, see Jinyoung sleeping in front of him in a short skirt.

Date: September 10, 2021

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