Wifes Exchange Sex (2019)

watch korean porn movie – Wifes Exchange Sex (2019) full
synopsis :
Exchange sex between a junior who likes breasts and a senior who likes buttocks – Seok-jin is his boss, but he follows Jae-jin who takes good care of him like his older brother. Jae-jin also cherishes Seok-jin. Jae-jin is a sexless couple, so he envy the newlywed Seok-jin. However, Seok-jin, who likes breasts, is also dissatisfied with his wife for not showing her breasts during sex. While Jae-jin is away for a while, Jae-jin’s wife, Su-jin, comes to visit, and Seok-jin’s eyes are constantly on Su-jin’s chest, which is full of volume and has a deep and beautiful goal. Jae-jin and Seok-jin are drinking at Seok-jin’s house after work, but Jae-jin is thirsty with a hangover and goes out to drink water. He sees Jeong-hee sleeping in the kitchen, and he gets caught by Jeong-hee’s sexy buttocks and loses his mind. Seokjin, who likes breasts, and Jaejin, who likes buttocks, have a secret time with their friend’s wife…

Date: July 15, 2021
Actors: Hae Il / James / Min Jung / Yoon Jae