An Affair Kind Daughters in law 3 (2020)

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synopsis :
Seok-joon has two sons: Min-seok, who is married and Yoon-soo who is not. Seok-joon tells them he is going to give allowance and his wealth to his daughters-in-law only. Yoon-soo asks one of his lady friends to get married for Seok-joon’s money. Min-yeong and Yoon-jin pretend to be Yoon-soo’s girlfriends. Then Yoon-jin falls for Seok-joon. The women visit the house often to get on Seok-joon’s good side and so does Yoon-soo’s ex-girlfriend, Min-yeong. However, Seok-joon falls in love with Yoon-jin and Yoon-soo is very disappointed in Seok-joon who wants to start a new life…

Date: June 13, 2021