R-Rated Idol Seung-ha’s Sex Scandal (2020)

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Synopsis :

When they were young, Min-joo and Seo-yeon cared for each other and were closer than brothers and sisters. However, she accidentally learns about Seo-yeon’s tutor, Woo-hyeon, and because of this man, their 10-year friendship starts to become shaky. Meanwhile, Jeong-soo is hurt in seeing Min-joo like that, and so he distanced himself from Min-joo. Because of Min-joo and Seo-yeon’s misunderstanding, Jeong-soo who couldn’t care much might just leave so Min-joo tries to break up with the help of Seo-yeon. While in the process of breaking up, Min-joo and Seo-yeon went back to their close relationship.
The love of women who have been separated because of man, and the two men’s friendship is comically drawn.

Date: July 19, 2020
Actors: Bo Ra / Gil Dong / Seung Ha / Si Hoo