Come play in Room 201 (2021)

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A film about the relationship between a man who moves into a rented room in a poorly soundproofed suburban area and a woman who lives in an empty house.
Jun-woo has moved into a rented room in an outlying area due to an emergency. The soundproofing isn’t good, so he suffers from the noise of the next door. Meanwhile, Seunghee couple, who lives next door, is frightened by the sound of water coming from an uninhabited room next door and opens the door of an empty house just in case. Then, Do-jin meets Yu-ri, who is hiding inside… Do-jin who takes Yu-ri to Jun-woo’s room. After that, Jun-woo’s face only becomes clearer as he does what he does every night.

Date: September 26, 2022
Actors: Gil Dong / Hae Il