Delicious Wife (2018)

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synopsis :
Are you playing properly today?
Seon-mi and Sang-hyeok lead an ordinary family life in the eyes of others. However, there is something between the two that cannot be opened up to each other. That’s their sex life. From the outside, the couple seems to have no problem, but when they sleep, they are living in a passive and uninteresting sex because of the fear of how they will appear to the other person rather than their own doctor. Before marriage, Seon-mi played around a bit, but pretended to be a young lady in order to get rich Sang-hyeok, and Sang-hyeok was also naive to marry a pretty Seon-mi.

Then one day, something very shocking happens to the couple.
Sang-hyeok left the house to go on a business trip, and Seon-mi had her husband go to work as usual and cleaned the house. And while Sang-hyeok was on a business trip, he had a contact accident.
But this is…

Date: November 15, 2021