Hypnosis Dance Club (2020)

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synopsis :

A lonely, lonely, lonely man who lives in a small octagonal room and blocks contact with the outside world, a sex war with imaginaries that don’t exist in reality, which begins to fall asleep. In Gidalhee’s eyes, a angel appears to save him, sneaking into her home, watching her every move, and starting a dangerous stalking. For Gidalhee, kumsunja has become the reason for existence and the energy of a happy life. Gidalhee’s bold act of seeping like a parasite into her home eventually crosses the line, and the shame-seeker kidnaps and imprisons him. Kumsoon-hee is detained in prison and convicted of crimes. Her maid, O’Da- Da-Dal- as a watchdog, writes a reflective statement, and so on, the increasingly mysterious femme fatale of the golden son! Breaking down the boundaries between reality and imagination, the story falls into an uncontrollable labyrinth.

Date: September 10, 2020