Young Widow (2020)

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synopsis :
Jo Boa, a young widow divorced from her husband just two months after the wedding, decided to go down to a quiet rural village and live in the same house as her sister Obiki. Then one day a young and handsome man, Lee Kun-woo, returns to Jo Boa’s village with the help of Na Dong-so, a poet and senior, and their relationship begins.
Lee Kun-woo assisted in field work and cultivation, and lived at Jo Boa’s house and cared for Na Dong-so’s brother, who became mentally ill after being pulled over by a man. As time went on, BoA’s body and mind began to turn to beauty and spend time with BoA, Jo Boa could not hide her feelings of love for Lee Kun-woo, and the two naturally met.
However, when Obiki became fond of Lee Kun-woo and learned of the relationship between the two, a strange triangle was formed.
Meanwhile, Kang Gang-in, a woman killer, a village keeper and a wealthy adopter, makes a money deal with Obiki to make Jo Boa his own woman. Obiki cannot refuse Kang-in’s offer to marry Lee Kun-woo.
However, when Jo Bo-a, who had no interest in the steel man, did not pay attention, Cheol-in even planned to kidnap Andong-so’s younger brother, Nabi, Lee Kun-woo’s weakness.

Date: December 17, 2020
Actors: Ji Ah / Kim So Hee