Janus – Two Faces of Desire (2014)

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synopsis :
Dance student Dahee (Oh In-hye) is a mother-of-two who has never met her boyfriend. But her night is a nightmare. Imagine the violent sex that appears every night. She can’t share this strange change with someone who can’t even think of it as a normal, obscene imagination that’s going beyond her dreams and real-life. Furthermore, she is more difficult because the curator of the newly prepared show is Gong Woo (Kriszo), the husband of Woo Kyung (Lee Eun-mi), a long-time favorite dancer and senior professor. Eventually, Dahee finds out that the strange thing she encounters through psychiatric care is schizophrenia (one of schizophrenia) caused by childhood trauma, and she accidentally finds out that she’s a tantra yoga therapist through an Internet article.

Date: October 5, 2020
Actors: Lee Eun Mi / Oh In Hye