Officetel – Lover Friend (2020)

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synopsis :
Yeong-cheol, a fund manager with a good academic background, likes Ji-min, a graduate student whom he recently met on a blind date. Seo-ra, a friend of Ji-min, is living at Ji-min’s house while working a part-time job due to financial difficulties. He designed clothes at Dongdaemun, but he is working in an office without Ji-min’s knowledge because he is having a hard time these days. Yeong-cheol, who often uses the office, goes to the new office one day and meets Seo-ra. Being so satisfied with the service, Yeong-cheol brags to his colleague Jin-ho. Jin-ho is curious and goes to the office to meet Seo-ra. Yeong-cheol and his two friends, who went to Ji-min’s house for a walk at Ji-min’s invitation, meet Seo-ra, Ji-min’s friend, in front of the house. Ji-min introduces Seo-ra to Yeong-cheol…

Date: April 7, 2022