Secret Touch Of Charming Housekeeper (2013)

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synopsis :

Mrs. Who likes to get up in the morning and enjoy sex. I want to have a relationship with my husband from this morning, and although he can’t, He respects his wife’s intentions. After the relationship between the two ended, his wife hurried out of the house, saying that she was on a business trip to Japan. And the housekeeper who came home… It’s simple and calm, but it looks seemingly fragile and shakes the protection instincts for a while. Eventually, she falls in love with a pure housekeeper and wants her. The housekeeper who reads such a heart and does not dislike his touch… Start enjoying her relationship. Her husband fell in love with her. Then one day my wife returns from a business trip, and even though she’s at home, her affection for her husband becomes more daring.

Date: October 2, 2020
Actors: Yae Ri