Living with an actress (2017)

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synopsis :
A love story of a man who loves a friend’s girlfriend but loves it more than a friend!
If you can have her tonight, you can throw everything away!
Byung-chul, who is preparing for the ninth-grade civil service exam in Noyangjin for the third year, knows that no matter how hard he tries, he is not capable of taking the civil service exam. One day, he was expelled from his second year of high school alumni, and he was expelled from the country. I have to sleep on the floor in a cramped room with only one bed of dongsu and Suhyun, and i can’t sleep properly with the sound of suhyun and squishy affairs. So-yeon, an actress’s dream, is to stay with her in the midst of her own life, but when things don’t go well, she asks her to go, and she feels compassion as she waits for her to leave. While there is no co-ordination, Byung-chul and So-yeon get closer and closer. What will happen to the end?

Date: October 17, 2020