Sex Match (2021)

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synopsis :
Ji-hee goes to the park alone and spends leisurely time, where she happens to meet Min-su who she dont meet after a long time.
When Ji-hee’s clothes are dirty, Min-su invites her to his house, which was close by. While doing the laundry at Min-su house, Ji-hee falls into the bathroom with Min-su while wearing only underwear.
Ji-hee remembers Min-su words that he is at home alone and seduce Min-su. Min-su sympathizes with Ji-hee, who treats him comfortably, but when she finds out later that Min-su has a girlfriend, Ji-hee screams and leaves.
After coming back late at night, Min-su and Na-young have a sex that day but he always thinking of Ji-hee.

Date: September 18, 2021