Sister Raising What Happened at Campin (2021)

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synopsis :
A quiet campsite. Some of the campers here disappear. One day, the sisters come to the campsite to play. The owner, who cuts and eats raw meat dripping with blood, takes an interest in the sisters who are camping. The owner, Mansu, kindly takes care of the food separately and tells her to come home and use it comfortably instead of the messy public toilet. The sisters drank and fell asleep with the purpose of going out to have fun, but when morning came, only the younger sister remained in the tent and the older sister disappeared. Young-ok, who is caught and imprisoned by the owner, eats only raw meat and the younger sister, who is left alone, begins to tremble in fear.

Date: November 4, 2021
Actors: Dahee / Jihee / Kang Sun