Sisters Video (2019)

watch korean porn movie – Sisters Video (2019)

synopsis :

Sedol (Young-ho), who plays the video room, wants to watch a raunchy movie, but he hesitates every time he notices his sister in the video room. Lisa, who is enjoying a trip to Korea, mistakenly enters the video room and is misunderstood as a helper and has an absurd first experience. Hae-soo finds out that Sedol is about to join the military in the early morning, leaving the video room to work part-time, and suggests to Sedol to lock the door of the video room and watch a raunchy movie together. Three years have passed since then. An unexpected guest arrives for Sedol, who was preparing a national notice after the umuns. A housemate who called each other Sedol and Shimsoon. Sedol and Shim Soon have an exhilarating night when they discover each other’s hearts as their first love, and Hae-soo, who has been in a formal relationship with Sedol, discovers the tangle of the two of them and locks in them.

Date: August 1, 2020