The Story of the Expedition Woman 2 (2020)

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synopsis :

Sula has a small party at the pension to celebrate the 100th anniversary of her relationship with her boyfriend Dojin. Suddenly, as the party of the two of them is a little ripe, the child suddenly loses his mind and collapses. Dojin was drunk. Dojin calls up his friend Dong-jun and shoots a camcorder in which Dong-jun sexually abuses a stunned sula. The next day, Sula wakes up and is shocked to see Dong-jun lying next to him and tries to get out of the pension, but is forced to have sex after being overwhelmed by a 180-degree altercation. Sula, who has since become a market for the sale of her body by Dojin and Dong-jun, decides to leave for Japan.

Date: September 21, 2020