First Sex Fifty (2020)

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synopsis :

Min jung and Kyung-soo were once a couple. A person who has been struggling a lot with reckless and irresponsible behavior of the civil government, and who is frustrated with such a hard water. They didn’t need much time to break up. Now i’m a friend who is comfortable in contacting me. One day, Kyung-soo receives a sudden call from Min Jung and accompanies him to the home of Jin-sup, a professor at the University of Civil Affairs. Kyung-su learned that Jin-seop and Min Jung were lovers beyond the priests’ branch. There, his feelings grow with His wife, Hyun-joo. Jeong-seop and Min jung left home as an excuse to work, and they were unable to control the hot burning of each other. In the end, it leads to a relationship that should not be crossed. But what happened! This was not the end. Today is a day that is repeated over and over again, not just a day. Kyungsu experiences a time loop that is a repetition of an incomprehensible time.

Date: September 19, 2020