Wifes World (2020)

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Synopsis :

Money is money. If it looks, it looks… Young-joon, who seems to have nothing left of South Korea, has a problem that he cannot tell. “Do not worry about it. The doctor did. There’s no problem… it’s because of your stress.” It’s been more than a year since my husband was not standing, but today, Miyeon, a good wife who gives courage to her husband… The two become more and more exhausted, and Yeong-jun reserves a lodge for her and takes Mi-yeon there. The two people you meet there… Miyeon and iron… Coincidentally, Young-jun, who found a video with U-yeon’s old man, Cheol-jae, on a USB, accidentally experiences the strength of his lower back. Miyeon meets Cheoljae after following Youngjun without knowing anything… Young-joon looking at Miyeon and Cheol-jae… Why does Young-jun meet two people??


Date: July 1, 2020
Actors: Jo Wan Jin / Lee Su / Si Woo / Stella